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We are committed to giving you the opportunity to create the perfect heart of your home – a functional, well thought-out and beautiful kitchen. In the kitchen, you need freedom of movement and a properly organised space. But that's not quite enough, style is also important. Our work draws on our expertise and 27 years of experience. The design using 3D software will ensure that the furniture fits perfectly and brings out the potential of the space you have and will make your choice of colours easier. What we do is based on knowing the needs of our customers and the systems that will make your kitchen experience much easier for years to come. We make furniture that is first and foremost well-thought-out, ergonomic and to your taste... Our company does not stagnate, our production facility invests in new technologies so that we can meet the expectations of our customers.

Marian Góra, Company Founder

Marian is a man of character and integrity. From an early age, he has pursued a fulfilling career as an entrepreneur. He started making furniture on his own, from scratch. The first item he created was a folding couch! And it was for his neighbour. The delighted customer was the impetus through which Marian developed his interest in kitchen furniture. Today, the company, which has been thriving for 27 years, is managed by his talented daughter. Meet Aneta.

Aneta Góra has owned the studio for 11 years. Her father was a real inspiration to her and she soon found her feet in the world of furniture. Today, she runs a wonderfully successful company. Aneta's greatest asset is her commitment and knowledge. These two traits come together in a perfect combination, making Aneta an expert in creating unique and functional kitchens.

Ps. rumour has it that even after work she only thinks about kitchens.

Our team

Jarek has been our technician since the company was founded. At our company, he is our "guardian angel" who looks after every order. His precision and accuracy leave him no room for errors. Jarek always thinks positively. At the same time, he is very composed and no one has ever seen him nervous (every day we wonder how this is possible).

Mariana has been a designer in our company for five years. She is a calm and warm person. Our customers queue to meet our golden-haired Mariana. She attracts people like a magnet with her unique personality.

Karolina is our designer and the most eloquent person in our team. She is always smiling and ready for new challenges every day. She is always the first to arrive at work – she is really committed to what she does.

Paulina is an enthusiastic person, full of eagerness to work. She enjoys new challenges and always meets the expectations of our customers. She always looks for smart solutions and is very creative. 

Furniture fitters

All of our fitters are very different from each other, and they make a great team. They provide us with a dose of humour every morning and then go on a mission to fit kitchens. They install furniture with great ease. They're professionals and playful ones at that – you simply couldn't dislike them. (Though maybe that's because it's their work that makes their customers happiest – the kitchen of their dreams being fitted.)


The guys in the manufacturing department work in two shifts. At 5:30, Mr Janek gets the water boiling for his coffee and opens the site with a smile. Each of them is like Santa's elf, it is their magical hands that make this beautiful furniture. All of them do their best every day to make every kitchen perfect. They are true professionals.

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Cieszyn ul. Liburnia 45
tel. kom.: +48 508 015 833

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